Colonial's corporate office in Knoxville, Tennessee, is the center of operation for our terminal offices across the United States. While the terminal offices handle local scheduling and contribute to the smooth efficiency of our shipping network, the corporate headquarters coordinates the overall system.

Colonial is a 100% owner-operator company. Operators or operator-drivers must meet Colonial's stringent driver requirements before they are qualified. All operators are required to attend Colonial's 3-day, in-house orientation before they are dispatched to haul freight. The Tennessee DOT has stated that Colonial has one of the most complete and difficult road tests given to professional truck drivers.

Colonial developed a full on-line computer system that provides pick-up and delivery information. This shipment tracking information is available to customers 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Major companies have relied on Colonial to meet their transportation needs for over 72 years. They remain customers because of Colonial's quality, efficient, dependable service.

Our Mission

Our mission: To maintain a working partnership between our owner-operators and our employees that provides safe, courteous, quality service to our customers and their associates.